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We help future authors make their dream of getting their message out to

the world come true!

We also help companies get their message and brand out to the world through

Aylesbury Publishing was founded on a very simple philosophy; first, publish great books. Second, strategically and flexibly maintain a cohesive relationship between publisher and author.
Our mission is to have a selective publishing list...
Nearly a decade later, Aylesbury Publishing has established a tradition and track record of doing exactly that. Aylesbury’s catalog includes several best-sellers and titles in their 9th and 10th printing, including New York Times,, Publishers Weekly, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today Best Sellers 
About Us
First Swiss Family Robinson sequel in 100 years!
Featured Products
TJ Hoisington bestselling book
If You Think You Can!
by TJ Hoisington
Lessons from Great Lives
by Dan McCormick
It's Never Too Late
by Troy Dunn
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